About Tyg

Years of experience managing and running a visitor attraction (Muncaster Castle in the Lake District), we know the challenges the tourism sector faces dealing with online sales and systems. 

They usually require large (for most businesses) investment in capital equipment or software solutions that are often quickly out of date; or are low cost solutions that don’t tell you anything about your customers, taking them away from your website and charging additional fees over and above the ticket price for processing and postage.  This makes these tickets more expensive for your customers with no additional income to your business leaving a sour taste for both you and your customers.

Working with a software designer, Tyg Ltd was formed and the unique Tygit® system  was born.
A 'Tyg' was a  multi-handled communal drinking cup passed around in medieaval times for mutual benefit and this is the ethos of Tyg Ltd. Our aim is to ensure very low costs for buinesses using the Tygit system while also delivering excellent value and convenience to their customers.  The system is also very flexible to meet the needs of paricipating businesses and their customers.
Based at Muncaster Castle on the Lake District coast, Tyg Ltd has been formed by directors whose talents include a combined experience of over 40 years running this award winning Lake District attraction as well as a portfolio of 2 hotels, 3 holiday houses, one B&B and a major programme of weddings, functions and innovative events and festivals.  The Finance Director has over 25 years accountancy experience of the financial management of a major industrial concern. Operations Director Steve Bishop has great technical expertise and with a background in retailing and marketing leads on operations, marketing and technical support. Peter Frost-Pennington is the Managing Director.

Find out more by emailing info@tygit.com
Tyg Ltd is registered in England and Wales (06799974) at Muncaster Castle, Ravenglass, Cumbria, CA18 1RQ
'Tygit' is a registered trade mark of Tyg Ltd, Muncaster Castle, Ravenglass, Cumbria, CA18 1RQ
Tyg Ltd are members of the Federation of Small Businesses - Membership Number 34597909